You probably think you are a master at initiating a conversation with someone you do not know; this might be true and might not also be. Your first conversation with your match is better started the best way because if it does not it might be your first and last conversation with him/her.

Given that “the first impression lasts forever”, no one wants to ruin things with his/her potential happily ever after. Here are a few tips to fill the awkward air to have a proper conversation.

Start a conversation with your match

Be Yourself

Avoid falling into the trap of pretending to be someone else, be genuine, Genuity it can easy felt and differentiated, express yourself in your own way what you like what you dislike. Talk about what has been bothering you, what you aim for. Just be patient about “too personal” stuff in your first conversation, take your time to reveal. Moreover, if you decided to speak in a language other than your mother tongue, make sure to use proper grammar and correct spelling – do not forget you only get one first impression.

Thoroughly, Read your Match’s Profile

Look for a place of shared interest, you should not seem unaware of a written piece of info in your match’s profile. Furthermore, reading your match’s profile will easily do the “Icebreaking” job and will give you more insights into your match’s personality, interests, degree of openness or vagueness, and so on.


An Interesting Opening Line; Starter

Always think of how you would like to be messaged, would a very common greeting like hi or hello, get you interested?! The answer is “No” especially if you are getting plenty of messages. Rather, begin the conversation with an interesting topic. Ask about something in her/his profile.

The more the conversation becomes interactive, the more it becomes easier with time. On the other hand, if you are the receptor, and you are interested in talking to them and start a conversation. Talk to them and try to send them something unique in response, or at least ask them about something that grabbed your attention in their profile.


Use the Ping Pong Technique start a conversation

So many conversations die by not following this one thing: making it a back-and-forth conversation. Sometimes in the initial stages of a conversation. You can have a back and forth simply by just asking someone “What about you?”. Ask questions; base your question on information that you gathered from her/his profile. Make it easy for them to respond by asking a question in your message. And it is s not all about you, imagine yourself in their position and let it flow smoothly.


No to Overrated Friendliness/Familiarity

Refrain from being too friendly or too familiar before you have built a certain level of convenience with your match. Do not call someone cutie, sweetie, babe, honey, etc. Just do not risk it. Politeness and borders awareness are key for a comforting conversation.


The art of starting a conversation is easy, if only Decency, Genuity, and Consideration are being embraced. Most of the afore-presented tips seem like common sense and are applicable whether when getting to know new people in real life or dating apps. but unluckily many people fail in doing it. Then We can guarantee anyone dating online who follows these tips people would get a lot farther with their match.