Your Privacy Comes First!

What makes Habibi one of the safest dating apps?

The popularity of online dating has increased tremendously over the past few years compared to when it first started. Dating websites and apps have created a convenient new way for single people to interact and communicate. However, with this minimal effort of use, come many new issues.

Especially in terms of safety and privacy. For example,when you interact  with strangers online can be at risk of identity theft, online abuse, digital dating harassment, catfishing, stalking and other frauds.

Habibi team considered all these factors while designing the app. We understand that online dating can leave users vulnerable to privacy risks. In this blog post. We explain how Habibi makes it easy for you to protect your privacy and stay safe on our platform.


1- Safety guidelines

 Habibi app offers its own set of Community Guidelines and tips for safety. And they are easily accessible on our website. These guidelines are also promoted on our sign-up screen to make sure all new users read them before they can use the app.

Having clearly established community guidelines and verification policies helps avoid any conflict from escalating into a crisis by making it clear what Habibi’s platform not allowed it.

Any content that violates these guidelines will be immediately removed and the user will be suspended.


2- Lengthy profiles

The process of developing a new profile varies greatly among different dating apps. Typically, the more casual ones need only a username and a photo. While more serious relationships focus on apps. like Habibi, would ask new users to address a variety of in-depth questions about their interests and personality.

In order to validate and authenticate your account information. Habibi goes as far as to require extra measures like face recognition before the app can approved a user’s profile. A longer sign-up process basically means less fake accounts on the app.


3- Reporting and blocking

Let’s admit it, you’re going to meet a few weirdos along the way when it comes to online dating. these could be individuals who either freak you out or are just plain toxic.

For your safety, you want to be able to report their behaviour when this happens as well as block them from contacting you. This is why it is important to understand in advance how Habibi app offered these features.

If you are unhappy with a match made on the app you can choose to unmatch/ Report and unmatch. In both cases, the other user will no longer be able to message you or view your profile. Users’ accounts  that get repeatedly reported will eventually we suspend.

Do not be afraid to report users who scam you or are just inappropriate. Reporting such users is not just for you, it also helps us protect anyone who uses the dating apps and keep it safe.


4- Controlled visibility

When using any social media platform, it is important to check to see if you can control the visibility of your profile. Preferably, you want an app that offers more options to secure your profile. The fewer options you have. the more exposed your information is to the Internet.

It is relevant to note that everything you put online on dating apps basically publich . But some apps make it easy for users to locate and message each other than others.

For example, Grindr enables you to search inside the app for individuals. Habibi provides many ways for users on the other end of the spectrum to manage. Who they see and who sees them. Here, the more choices the better.

Habibi enables you to manage your profile’s visibility. You can enable “Private Mode” which is one of the best ways to guarantee that your profile is locked down as much as possible while still being able to connect to other people on the app.

This feature ensures that the individuals can seen your profile. you have expressed interest in (your matches) while having your profile completely hidden on the app.


5- Secure Messaging System dating apps

Habibi app never allows messages before matching. We understand that no one appreciates receiving unwanted photos or random messages. which in dating apps is definitely a possibility.

Therefore, before messaging can take place. Habibi app requires both users to have an interest.

This way, the number of unwanted messages you receive we can minimize and restricte to only the users you want to connect with.