As life evolved, love life has evolved as well, we have all witnessed a dramatic change in people’s relationship needs and wants. With the rise of online dating platforms as an alternate way to find love and meet new people in a busy world. Modern-online- dating has been skepticized for maintaining the healthy characteristics of offline dating and questioned for its safety. As well as how successful it is at finding people a suitable match.

Online dating is just a different medium for meeting someone in real life. Studies have proved that online relationships are just as successful as those that began offline. If not more successful in terms of compatibility and seriousness.

Online dating has shown success

Studies have shown that untold numbers of now-married couples have met through online dating. It encourages people to settle down because it does shrink the world to help you meet wonderful people that match your needs.

Online dating presents a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental haven for everyone whether for fresh starters, abundant or discouraged people. And with Habibi being a tailored solution for Middle Eastern culture. With consideration to the values, traditions, and norms. It provides a culture-aware dating solution that responds to modern life needs and necessities.

Knowing sufficient information

In online dating, people always get the chance to have information about people before actually meeting them. Through conducting fairly extensive conversations via chatting. Unlike, when you meet someone in real life, you may know a lot of information about that person. ahead of time such as when you get set up by an intermediary or you may know very little about them.

Using intermediaries in online dating

such as friends or family members to find a suitable partner may not necessarily get it right. but they are still setting you up with someone they think you’ll like. Whilst in online dating, daters oversee the process. They remain online strangers up until the moment they decide to take it farther and meet offline.

Finding love and meeting new people

Online dating is a better alternative to more traditional ways and opens possibilities of romance for people who are often denied the same opportunities to find it in physical space. or who are not able to easily meet new people in real life.

Time and location barriers

Where dating apps have succeeded in overcoming the time and location barriers. Habibi has gone farther and customized its scope to help connect people coming from a Middle Eastern background. from around the world to meet people with compatible values, traditions, and religion (Islam & Christianity). To ease the dating experience for Middle Eastern expats around the globe and diminish their burden of resorting to arranged marriage.

Security Standards in online dating

With the “Security Standards” applied in Habibi. employed to ease, and provide a safe environment. So that you only meet real people (no scammers), no fake profiles. Only real identities, respectful and appropriate behavior are allowed in our community.

The main issue with dating apps is the same with every technological innovation: culture barrier. Which has built a negative stereotyped perception of dating platforms. Therefore, Habibi is changing perceptions correlated with online dating by demonstrating clear rules of usage and values.

You are not alone in the search for “the one”. the number of people using online dating services is growing worldwide. Though not every dating environment embraces the same safety requirements as Habibi.

A message from Habibi’s team to you

“We encourage you to give a clear description of how you really are. and not of who you want to be in order to get a successful match. Take your time to validate certain characteristics of your match (personality traits, values, appearance and so on)”